True Turtles

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Welcome to True Turtles. Our goal is to raise awareness about the importance of not only our ocean's wildlife, but also the ocean itself. Our planet's bodies of water contain a large diversity of life, ranging from smaller life like turtles, to huge mammals such as whales, and even others, such as coral reefs. Unfortunately, every year these all face constant threats from things such as over fishing, plastic pollution, and climate change. Our goal is to raise awareness and help spread the knowledge of how we can prevent this from happening further, past the point of no return.

Though our name is True Turtles, our goal is to save all of our ocean's life. Through collective action, we can accomplish our goal of creating a better future for not only the wildlife, but also our planet which means future humans too. We believe through spreading awareness of how the smallest things that you do can affect the world, we can start a decline on the issues that threaten the ocean.